Making users as tutors

Hi there, so I want to make a marketplace where users send homework to tutors and tutors will do it for a price.

Therefore I want to classify normal users with tutors, and I am not sure is there anyways to do this, I try doing it this way (shown in the picture below) but seem like not working, is there any solution to this problem? thanks a lot! (even though on the backend I create a tutor, it is still now showing on the card.

Thanks a lot if anyone got the solution to this problem!

Hey there @enbitious,

I would just have a field in the user type linking the new tutor record you’re creating for the tutors. And when that tutor field is empty they’re a regular user, if it isn’t empty then they are a tutor.

Hi Johnny

thanks for your reply, does this mean I still have a yes/no feature within the user database, and when a user clicks on yes they will then fill out the details if they want to become the tutor (is that possible?) and is there any ways to do this?

thanks for taking your time to reply, and sorry for such a simple question as I am new to bubble and have no prior coding knowledge.


Have a basic set up, maybe like this?

isTutor? (yes/no)
isStudent? (yes/no)
linkedTutor (user)
linkedStudent (user)

On sign up the user chooses whether they want a student account or a tutor account. This will edit the isTutor/Student values appropriately.

When a tutor assigns himself to a student this will add the student to his “linkedStudent” and will update the students “linkedTutor” to this tutor.

Does this sound how you want?

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