Making workflow terminate if Stripe payment is unsuccessful

Hi there, I’ve searched through the forums and it seems like this has come up over the years, but I can’t find anyone who has actually got an answer (hoping I might be the one).

I’m using Stripe to take payment (a subscription). I’m finding that whether or not the payment succeeds, the workflow it’s in continues. Is there a way to terminate the workflow based on the result of the Stripe payment using one of the below?

You can make it check the status I think. My best guess, I actually haven’t done anything advanced with Stripe lol I just use the charge user feature.

But try out the status of the payment, then use one of the status codes here:

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Thanks - that worked! For anyone who finds this in the future, here’s the workflow I used. Note I haven’t done rigorous testing but seems to have worked for the first few passes.


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Interesting! What’s the equivalent for single charges?
Apparently, there is no “Status”:

You can use Captured to see if the payment is captured

You can also use Stripe webhooks and split your Workflow. The processing steps (success or failure) would be managed at the endpoint level.

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I’ve just looked into that (I’m still quite new to Bubble) but I believe I can only define API Workflows with a Personal plan or higher.
At the moment I’m still validating my idea - not sure if it’s actually feasible yet - so I’ll try and see if there’s an equivalent while using the Hobby plan for now. Thanks for the pointer though!

Thanks! I’ll probably end up doing this while I’m on the Hobby plan, and switch to @Christophe_HK’s suggestion once I move up.

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