Making your app look great on pad devices

How come Bubble doesn’t allow web pages to look great with one single setting when viewed on tablets and smartphones?

Because, well, that’d be too easy.

Bubble gives you the tools. It’s up to you and your imagination to bring it all to fruition.

There’s a few resources if you’re looking for a drop in ready-made component.


Does that really solve anything? Seriously. The who purpose of creating a responsive website in one go is so it looks great on any device requesting it.

I was testing my site out on an ipad my friend let me try out. Portrait it looked real bad. Landscape not so bad.

Don’t hate me for saying this but some responses I have heard on other things seems to lead me to believe that if it burns time and makes me money from the customer that’s a good thing.

I read somewhere that Bubble will do more with the element templates in the near future. That option is located all the way down in the page builder on the left hand side from where you drag components onto the page, see screenshot below.

If you cannot wait for that consider using templates or one of the Chrome extensions which allow you to import prebuilt components into your app (f.i. Atomic Fusion, openBuild, Airdev Canvas etc.). Ask around which of these provide good responsive elements.

I’m using Airdev on a project at the moment and a lot, if not most, of the prebuilt elements they provide are responsive but you are required to use their template, which means you must have selected it when you created the app if I am not mistaken.

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