Manage Action result data


I’m currently using Spotify Search plugin that offer an action to search tracks or artist in spotify.

The result of this plugin in the workflow is a kind of json :

tracks : [ { artists : [name: “”, id: “”], name: “”, “uri”: “”, covers : [] }]

But there is no data type associated to this result, so it seems not possible to directly push this result to a repeatablegroup.

I want to display X first result on a page ( the name of the track, the artists, the covers, the link). I have achieved this by creating a data model matching to what i want to display, and then creating X element of this data with the search result. So I’m able to display the list of theses data element in a repeatable group.
Therefore, performances are awfull ( 5/6 second for each search).

Is there a better way to achieve what I’m trying to do ?

Hope you can help,
Thanks !

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