Manage and update a template for sale

I have build a template which is for sale on the bubble market. The template has functionalities which are only available with a paid plan. When I finished the template two years ago I created a duplicate bubble app and upgraded this one to a paid plan so I could test all functionalities properly.
Since then I have a complex way of updating.
First I update the duplicate bubble app. Then when good to go I have to do the exact same upgrade to the template app.

Is there another way? It’s a ridiculous way of maintaining my template.

Maybe @ZeroqodeTeam or @AirDev or @eazycode or @gf_wolfer or any of the top template makers can shed some light on this :blush:


For my own Bubble templates most of the features I have built in are accessible while on maximum a Personal Plan and the Bubble ‘Template Plan’ seems to have everything covered. So I haven’t hit an issue with features not available in my Development environment.

But I also remember a day back when Plugins couldn’t be tested on a template without subscribing, so if there is a specific feature that you need but cannot access I would recommend checking with the Bubble team to see if they can add it into the Template plan as I am sure it is an ongoing work in progress

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