Manage payments at a few seconds intervals

Here’s the case: let’s say I manage a marketplace with a big big affluence. I have two customers who wish to order the same product but it is only available in one unit. Customer A and customer B add the same product to their shopping cart at a few seconds intervals but customer B confirms his order a few seconds before customer A.
What happens to the order of customer A who now finds himself with an out-of-stock item in his cart and what would be your recommendations/workflows regarding this case ? I use the Stripe plugin to manage payments.

I’ve thought about adding a “stock” field on the product type to prevent this kind of situation. But I absolutely want the unit to be removed from the database only when the payment has been made and not when the item is just positioned in the shopping cart.

So the ultimate question: does Bubble allow, via its stripe plugin, to cancel a payment phase of customer A when the stock of the product is at zero, even if customer A is in the phase where he has to enter the numbers of his credit card for example with a message such as: “the product is no longer available, the page will close in a few seconds”.

If customer A is at the phase where they are entering credit card information (in the case of Stripe checkout), then I am not sure that there is anything that can be done because your in a part of the checkout process that is handled by Stripe.

One course of action that you could take is that when your stock quantity reaches 1, you could notify customers that there is a risk that someone else could purchase the product due to low quantity. OR simply put rules in place that when quantity is 1, set to zero when placed in customer B cart.

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