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Managing Google Sheets from Bubble

So we have a bunch of sheets that we use for various aspects of our business, the output of which creates tasks for each department. We currently have filtered and sanitized versions of those sheets available to our end users, but it’s clunky and we’re lacking features we need.

We have read about how to connect Google Sheets to Bubble and display them in a Repeating Group, but we need to add functionality. The first and sometimes second column in these sheets is a checkbox (true/false). That should come through via the connection, but can Bubble have a Workflow that fires when any of those checkboxes are checked or unchecked?

The scenario we’re trying to achieve is that a user logs in, and then based on a user group is presented with one or more pages/tabs/etc which each display a list of things. That list has two items we need to track… #1 is the checkbox in Column A of the sheet. #2 is the value (a unique ID) that’s in Column D of the same sheet. We then need to look up the ID value in another sheet, locate which row it’s in, and then change the value in another column of that same sheet to match Column A from the first sheet.

When a user checks a box, we need to retain its value (TRUE), lookup the value in Column D (05668), find that value in another sheet (row 772), and then change the value of another column in row 772 of Sheet B to TRUE.

When the box is unchecked, it’s the same process but we would change the Sheet B value to FALSE.

Is this type of scenario possible with Bubble, Repeating Groups, Workflows, etc?

This type of scenario where we’re essentially putting a front-end on a backend database (Google Sheets) seems to be exactly what Bubble can do, but we would like to confirm this specific functionality from more seasoned Bubble users. We will have more complex problems to solve, but essentially it’s a combination of taking inputs and generating outputs to keep databases and Google Sheets in sync.

Thank you to anyone that can help us understand this a bit deeper!