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Manual refresh button for RG data

Hi All,

Is there a way I can create a “manual refresh” button in my page to refresh data of an RG?

Yes, I know RG data refreshes automatically, but like I have mentioned in this post (Data on page not getting updated) I am seeing rampant cases of RG data not being updated correctly and in time.

So I wanted to check if there is a official way (or a hack) to force RG to update its data manually by user (without refreshing the page itself). It will not really solve my problem, but probably will reduce it by a small margin.


Hi there, @mghatiya… I don’t think there is an “official” way, but there is a workflow action called Display list that is used to show a list of things in a repeating group (the list would be the same data source you are using for the repeating group, of course). So, you could have a button that is tied to that workflow action, and you should get the desired result. Oh, there is also an action called Clear list, and it might be worth clearing the list and then displaying it again.

Sorry to read about the trouble you are having with getting your data to refresh… hope this suggestion helps.


Thanks @mikeloc . Yes, this is what I had thought of as solution too, but was hesitant as it was seeming hacky and could possibly cause a flicker in user’s screen as RG collapses and expands and data changes fully. But maybe it would not be noticeable. Worth a try.

Actually I am surprised that other people don’t face these issues. And that makes me wonder if I am doing anything wrong in my page, but oh well…

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