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Many to many DB search

I have this DB.
It’s a app for schools where parents (users) will see the posts os the classrooms of your students. One parent can have multiple students in different classrooms. And one student can have multiple parents (users). One post can be seen for multiple classrooms.
So my problem is to show a repeating group of posts where parents (users) can see the posts of classrooms of your students.

Help please.
My app: Myschool2 | Bubble Editor
Feel free to edit. Thanks in advance.

Hi there, @pintonuno… if I understand your post correctly, this advanced filter appears to produce the desired result.

In order to get it to work, I had to add the students into the lists on the things in the Classroom data type, but I’m assuming they were supposed to be in those lists anyway. I certainly didn’t test all (or even most) of the possible scenarios (I will leave that to you :slight_smile: ), but I hope this helps you get down a good path.


Worked like a charm! Thanks @mikeloc. You are the man :ok_hand:

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