Map based search


Very new to Bubble.

Trying to link a geographical location on the Map with a search box between two cities (then two airports). But can’t figure out how to make it work.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi os, welcome to bubble.

Could you add a bit more information with what you mean exactly?
Do you want a distance between the cities or when you say “link” what is the output you want for the user or admin?


So on the map,

two search boxes to start:

box one - user input search geographic location = Nice, france
box two - user input search geographic location = Biggin Hill, Uk

Then the map to draw a line and zoom to show the great circle mapper route between the two cities.

Welcome, OS1!

I’m using ‘map extended’ extension, there are others, zeroqode has one that I haven’t tried. I think zeroqode’s has more features like multi-step routing, but you should defn check.

I assume you have put in your api keys.

Drag one of the maps to a bubble page, double click it and you can set some initial settings. In my case I center it on the Current User’s geographic position (my map is to direct someone walking to a destination)

Then I have this workflow. Yours is going to be specific to your usecase. What I’m showing here is how to map from one area to another. The map just zooms to the right level to display the route.

Is this helpful?

Bubble can be tricky when you are first starting out!

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