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Map filter feature

I want to create a filter which can show different parameters on the map screen in the mobile template so that the results of the markers can be read used to show only relevant results. How do I accomplish this?

You can try this method to get some help. I have tried to filter events using a map with Pin-code and another event distance from that Pin-code.

First, create an address field with the data type geographic address.

Then take the input field with the content format address.

Start a workflow to create data in the database.

After entering data in the database take a repeating group and while setting the data source in the repeating group set the following condition as shown in the screenshot.

Note: Here inputs are taken in numbers.

I hope this will help you with your problem.

If any further assistance is required get in touch with me on:
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It’s a good start. Thank you @karamwise
What I’m looking to do is filter the results themselves Eg: if category = school or grocery etc then return results that fit that category. The category is in the database for our listing


You can take an input field and compare the data on behalf of that input value while searching for data. Like category=grocery or school, this will return the data whose category matches.