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Map: Initial Position Issue

I’m having trouble making maps center on a specific location

I have a discrete address field value for every “thing” (data point). I’d like to be able to dynamically display a map centered on each “thing’s” address.

As far as I can tell (see screenshots), valid geographic addresses are dynamically being provided in the initial position field. But, when I preview, the map is centered somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean (-26.16368,-29.14547) instead of, say, somewhere in Las Vegas, NV.

Screenshot 1 (Bubble Editor View)
Screenshot 2 (Inspector)

Any advice on how best to center on the address that shows up in the inspector?

You want the address, not the formatted address (which is text). The address is essentially a composite of the GPS position and the formatted address.


Thank you @NigelG! I could have sworn I tried that, but maybe I just needed fresh eyes and direction. It’s working as expected now

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