Map items from one list to the corresponding thing in another list

In a backend automation, i have a list of urls which have been generated through a plugin.
Each of those URLs has to be added to its corresponding Database entry.

Some more context:
I want to generate a grid view to display images and videos, similar to (see image below)

The only difference is that i am using Wasbi Cloud and all of the images and videos are private to our clients. Therefore, we generate presigned URLs for each newly added image/video (available for 7 days) and also generate presigned URLs once per week for all images/videos. This allows the presigned URLs to always be active (in case they aren’t, the clients have the option to click a button to re-generate the presignd URLs).

The only problem i am facing is that when i feed a list of filenames into the wasabi plugin, i get a list presigned URLs out (they seem to be in the same order). I now want to add each of the output URLs to its corresponding App Data/Database Entry, since those entries hold more necessary information. I am unable to do so. The only thing i have found out how to do is to add all presigned URLs to all entries.

Any help is highly appreciated!!

I actually just figured it out.

You just schedule a backend workflow which loops through every database entry.

Here’s a very helpful video on doing exactly that: