Map marker based on Place ID


I’m using the google places plugin, and I’m able to place a marker in my map based on my location for example. However, I’d like to place a marker/pin based on the Place ID. Does anyone know if that’s possible with that or any other plugins?


Hi @anon46760661, I actually put together a video recently on how to do this with mapbox - might be useful :slight_smile: You can use either “geographical addresses” or longitudes/latitudes for the coordinates of each place.

Thank you @alexcooney5 ! I ran through the video, but will have a closer look tomorrow. But didn’t see the video covering placeID’s (I might be wrong)? Basically, what I’d like to do is extracting all relevant info (geographical address or lat/long) from the placeID, rather than relying on lat/longs. The problem with lat/long the way I see it, is the case where there are multiple “places” on the same lat/long. Let’s say there are 10 different stores at the same address for example, and one of them is starbucks. I guess I wouldnt be able to identify the starbucks by using lat/long when there are 9 other stores at the same lat/long? However, using placeID would identify the starbucks directly as it is the unique identifier for each location/place in Google Maps.

I might be wrong here - in that case, feel free to guide me in the right direction :slight_smile: