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Map question - Address field blank

Hey all…

On this page I am trying to create a map and show all the producers in the sytem (as markers) on the map.

Address of the producer is stored in “producerAddress” and “producerPostcode”.

Here’s evidence of the producers in the system

Yet when I try to add the Producers on Google Map - it shows the address field as empty :frowning:

When I look at data type - the “producerAddress” and “producerPostcode” is not type Address (although that’s what I have reformatted them as) - could this be the problem?

It looks like you are not setting them when you create Producer ?

Only two producers have a postcode, and you are using that field as address on the map. So the map will show the marker at the postcode.

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Oh man, you are so right! That was the issue… not sure how I missed it. @NigelG you are ace. thanks!