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Margin Calculation within Repeating group


I am trying to calculate a net margin into a repeating group (list of products) in order to give that info to customers (which are resellers - B2B business).

A buying price (exVAT) and a market price (VAT included) are already calculated based the current user and product ref. I want to make this calculation based on the two outputs of the current cell as follow:
(market price/1.2 - buying price)/(market price/1.2)

I can’t find a way to make this calculation. Any idea?

just one thing, parenthesis can’t be used. Calculation are made from left to right. So your formula would look like this in the editor :
market price/1.2 - buying price / market price * 1.2

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Thanks NicolasDap, it is working perfectly

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Nice to read this :smile:
Good luck.

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