MariaDB supported?

I read that bubble can connect directly to an external MySQL database, if I’m not mistaken? Since MariaDB is supposed to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL, does that mean that bubble will also connect to an external MariaDB database as well?

I’ve never used bubble (or MariaDB for that matter), but was hoping someone would know a quick answer to this question before I waste my time setting everything up to find out it doesn’t work.

P.S. No need to ask why I’m using MariaDB over MySQL or any questions along those lines. Its a long story…

You may be a pioneer in this regard :slight_smile:

Setting up a MariaDB database will probably take longer than seeing if it works in Bubble, so you “time wasted” is likely to be minimal.

If the connection string works the same as mySQL then it could very well work. But I guess it all depends on the drivers Bubble uses (if indeed it uses ODBC).

An alternative would be to use the API connector - that would definitely work if the db exposes (or can be made to expose) a Restful API.

I was afraid that would be the case. I went ahead and set one up to test it out and sure enough it doesn’t work. Bit sad as MariaDB is MySQL, just 10x better. The database connector plugin only has MySQL as an option and it complains if the connection string doesn’t match a MySQL string exactly.

I believe this would be a really trivial fix for the developers of bubble as MariaDB and MySQL are interchangable. If you have one working, you have the other working too. Just need to allow the connection string through in the plugin.

Hmmm yes. I thought that might be the case. You could reach out to support ?

Or look at the REST interface ?

Hello, is there any update regarding this topic?
Is MariaDB still not supported?

Bump here. Any update on this?