Marine Worker is now in beta testing 🎉 (my first app)

Hi all,
The first app I have ever developed (not just in bubble) is now in beta. Whist I know a lot of bits and pieces need tweaking, I just wanted to soft launch to get some feedback. Over the next few weeks I’ll have around 500 people who signed up (for early access) testing this thing.

It’s been a journey, and I only hope that it will be received well. I have worked on this thing completely by myself, so I’m a little nervous about launching - but here goes!

If you’re interested in checking it out, here are the links:

Main home page (not in bubble):
App page:


Congrats on the launch @mattb! Looks great.

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Congrats! Really slick UI. Nice work, and best of luck.

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Bravo! Congrats on the launch. I’m a solo, non-technical founder too, so I know how difficult and rewarding building on Bubble can be. Haven’t looked under the hood, but the LP looks slick. Built on WP? :beers: :clap:

Great looking! Well done!

FB login not working just an FYI

You have no terms/privacy policy or am I missing something?

Hi, great looking app congratulations !

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I would suggest you sort out your privacy rules ASAP. I signed up to test your app out… Now my details are publicly available if you know the correct url

Thanks. Yes that’s WP using divi. I found bubble was just too slow to add that many aesthetic elements.

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It’s there but probably not super clear. I’ll be adding more links for that shortly, the policies are available across in the forum.

Works fine for me. What error message are you running into?

Are you talking about the username URL? There’s an option to have your profile private rather than public.

Nice website, I work as a draft surveyor in Rouen, and I also do other marine work. I was thinking about what kind of website could be use in marine, as its sometimes a bit archaic, this one is definitely a good one. Is it possible to know more about the sponsorship ? Maybe we can talk more by email ?

Thanks. I created the website to provide a service to new crew (green crew) getting into the industry. I had originally designed this to monitise the job hiring process and take a commission percentage. I even had all Stripe Connect Custom components integrated and working for that purpose. Upon completing further research I decided to scrap the monetary side of things and offer it as a free service. In the future I’ll likely add features that allow me to promote my other businesses in the sector, but I don’t see that happening for a while.

Feel free to send me a PM to discuss anything you want about the site. I’m happy to receive opportunties, advice and critism.

Just a question, where did you find the Grey wallpaper that you are using trough your application as background?

And what are you using for editor to have a picture on a laptop with your application on the screen? It looks really nice

Hi there.

Background is SVG so great for speed;
Simply upload as background image in bubble.

The laptop screen and screenshot are a single image. I use to mock up most things like that.