Mark a displayed repeating group as "Read"/"Opend"?

Hello, i have a repeating group with Companies, How can i make it so when i click on a company in my repeating group, and it displays more information about the company that company in the repeating group will be marked as green or something to indicate “You have already viewed this company” . So the users don’t waste time by opening the same company a few days later if they are scouting around?


Hi there, @Orbit… if I understand your post correctly, you are obviously going to need to track the views on a per-user basis so the repeating group can display a company in green only to the specific users who have viewed it. With that being the case, you can go one of at least three ways. You can store a list of viewed companies on the User data type… you can store a list of users who have viewed a company on the Company data type… or you can create a new data type in which you create a new thing every time a user views a company. The third option feels like overkill to me, so I would likely go with one of the list options. With either of those lists in place, you will be able to indicate that the current cell’s company has been viewed by the current user by checking the list.

Hope this helps.


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Hey @mikeloc thanks for responding, what would be the best and less resource heavy approach to go for the website performance do you reckon? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hard to say… I’m guessing the impact of either one of the lists I mentioned would be negligible. If it was me, I might go with the list of users who have viewed a company on the Company data type, if only because I try not to put things on the User data type unless it really seems like the “best” way to go.

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Okey! Thank you so much! will try to get this to work

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If it helps, here is an example where I have a field called viewed by on the Company data type, and that field is a list of users. When a user views a company, add the current user to the company’s viewed by field. Then, in the repeating group, you could add a condition that looks like this.


Note that I likely wouldn’t change the font color of the company name to green like I am showing in the example, but you get the idea. You can use that condition to do whatever you want (e.g., change a font color, show an icon, etc.) to denote to the user that they have already viewed the company.

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@mikeloc i honestly can’t thank you enough… you always deliver such good explanations, and it always works with your support… Once again, thanks a lot for taking your time and even going the extra mile and showing screenshots!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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