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Marketing an app 👻

Hello, me & @danielowega cant decide on what stickers to create for promoting our app, we are no where near to finishing but want to make these anyway.

The snapcode is just like a regular qr that links to a website but captured in snapchat.

Could you help us decide please.

Thanks maybe


No thanks

Why your post is flagged is something I can’t yet understand.


Well…apparently someone did not read it correctly and took it as a spam…! While it was more designed to be an interesting win-win collaboration, anyway…

Damn, I should have A/B test my own post before posting it :rofl:


We should A/B test also who we let in these forums :wink:

Anyway, I hope that 100 answer offer is still available when I need to A/B test something :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with your project @ideable guys! You both found a good co-founder.


it was an advertisement

If you wanted to make an offer you could have messages me privately.

Sorry you interpreted it that way. I see it as you were offered something you were looking for in exchange for some feedback. No harm no foul.

In a way the same could be said of your initial post, an advertisement for your app disguised as a poll. But let’s not go there.

Good luck with figuring out which logo users prefer! (Btw did you know there is an app for that?) :joy:


why would i want to promote something that is not complete lol.
your logic is wrong. There are several reasons why i dont want to use your app.
Also i dont think it was just me who flagged, posts are hidden when three people flag.

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Talking about flawed logic…
As if you can’t promote something that doesn’t exist yet.
Ask Elon Musk, Kickstarter and Betalist about that…

Anyway going back on topic. Vincent and Matt are well respected in this forum and offered something to help you with your conundrum and you were quite rude by flagging the post and with your answer.


your opinion does not matter to me.

I counted on that :wink:
Proves even further my point.


@anon65040322 There can be a grey area between advertising and sharing a service built by you that might be useful to others. When in doubt, flagging is the right approach and moderators can review. We want this to be an open community where people can feel free to share and discuss their projects.



The “buy someone a beer” button would come in handy here.