Marketplace App: How to make "no. of products selected (number value)" editable for buyers but not change sellers' databases

Hi guys, I’m currently working on a marketplace app and I can’t seem to wrap my head around how I can change some values for example, “no. of products selected” only for the buyers and not have it affect the sellers’ databases.

Here are the seller’s data fields for reference:
A. Product’s Min. Order = (ex. 20) ‘units’
B. Product’s Selected = Product’s Min. Order’s Value

Currently, the workflow is set up like this:

  1. Button + (plus) = Product’s Selected + 1
  2. Button - (minus) = Product’s Selected - 1 (only when Product’s Selected is greater than Product’s Min. Order)

Now it works well in terms of computing values to get prices but what happens is that this workflow changes the value of the seller’s “Product’s Selected” database.

Is there a way to only have it editable for the current user without changing the seller’s database, and then be reset to the seller’s original data during page load or something.

Hi :wave:t2:,

In a very simple way to resume it, you can have a separate thing (table) for your customers, called “Orders” with fields like:
Quantity, Order Status, List of Products (related to your other table), Date, etc.

Then, you may change your worklows to create a new order and update this field Quantity in your “customer” data (the new thing that you created), instead of the seller’s data thing.

Also, you can create a State called “Quantity” (data type: number) in your page or a group, button, etc. and update the number with your workflows.

That is faster but if the user refresh the page or leaves the page, you will the information saved in the state.

It really depends on your needs.

Is that what you were asking for?



Hi @juancamilovasquezard!

I actually fixed it by having a separate disabled input for the quantity which contains a dynamic input of “required amount of orders” as well as combining it with a separate state for users called “quantity”. :smiley:

I really appreciate the quick reply! :slight_smile: