Marketplace - Category and Product Datatypes not linking

Hi, I’m building a marketplace with categories e.g. skincare, haircare, vitamins & supplements, eyes & ears.

The products, which are in a seperate datatype linked to the datatype categories are showing up in the skincare and haircare for example but not vitamins & supplements or eyes & ears or anything else that is more than one word,

Anybody know how to solve this?

May I have access to the editor?

I am on a plan where I can only give access to people with certain access, are you an agency?

No, I am not an agency.
Such challenges are exceedingly difficult to solve without direct access to the editor and comprehensive review.

Hey, can I email you a screen recording of my editor etc?

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Yes, Sure.

Another way is to take a copy of the application and delete the sensitive parts. The free plan works for the copy version.

Hey, I emailed you there, if that doesn’t provide you with enough info,

I can try your other suggestion,

Thank you so much for everything,


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Did you get my reply to your email?

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