Marketplace for guitar teachers

Hello all,

I’ve been hacking around with WordPress for a couple of months trying to get my marketplace up and running. I wish I had discovered Bubble sooner!!

My query: I have 2 types of users. Guitar teachers and students. The data for the student user will be quite basic (name, email) while the guitar teacher will have a bit more (pictures, bios, reviews etc.)

I was wondering what’s the best way to structure my database so that the repeating groups I have created ONLY display data from the teachers? I’m sure it’s obvious but I’ve been struggling for a while now. Presumably it’s using a filter on the repeating group or something like that?


Use the functions "Do a Serach for"or “Filter”.

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Thanks for the response @ualdir!

I created a field called “usertype” and called some users “student” and others “teacher”. Then searched for teachers using the usertype field as a filter.

Just wondering if this is the best way to go about it though? Can you create two completely different types of users?

Yes! This is the correct way. Go ahead.

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User type is spot on, then constrain your search on your repeating group usertype=student or usertype=teacher.

Don’t use the filter option unless you have to as it has performance issues

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Perfect, thanks so much @ualdir and @jof :grinning: