Marketplace - Manage Orders

Hello !

I am currently working on a marketplace dashboard allowing the store manager to manage orders.

I have 4 data types: User, Store, Order and item.

I created an “orders” page where the manager can see all the orders that have been placed for his store.

The store manager can consult orders and perform some actions.

To do this, I set up my repeating group like this:

I also created other pages like statistics, customers, etc.

But the manager would like his employees (who are already registered on the platform as “users”, this means that they can also consult other stores, place orders, etc.) to also access and manage orders from the orders page without being able to access the other pages.

Do you have any advice on how to allow managers to add other “users” on the platform as an employee and restrict access to his store “orders” page only ?

Thanks a lot

There are privacy restrictions. I think the term is ‘permissions’ that is where you need to focus. You basically set up conditionals in the permissions area for which type of users etc. can either view, edit, create etc. the data type and fields you are creating permissions for.

Go to data tab…Click Privacy, second from left. Go to the data type you want to set up the permissions for and define a new role. Set up your conditionals

Thanks for your answer, I’ll take a look