MarketPlace Page organization

Hello, I’m currently designing a marketplace.

I have a question concerning the organization of the pages, for the moment I have everything on only one page, when I click on a link of the navbar, that modifies the parameters of the URL, displaying such or such section.

I’m wondering if this isn’t a bad decision, since all sections will be grouped together (catalog, auctions, products, shopping cart…). This is not optimal for the roles (buyers, sellers, platform team). What’s more, when the platform is active, with all the products, loading times are likely to be very long.

Am I wrong?

Thanks for your advice

@victor11 it’s a good approach - much better than having everything on different pages

I would suggest to:

  • use reusable elements for each section
  • use a different page for each user role, each page having multiple reusable elements
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