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Hello Bubblers!

I am currently creating a web marketplace app where a specific type of User X can book another specific type of User Y for services.

I have two questions:

  • For the booking, I would like to put in place the following system:
  1. User X sends a booking request to User Y with all details (price, etc).
  2. User Y receives the request notification and can either deny or accept it
  3. If User Y accepts the request, User X receives a notification which says that User Y accepted and, therefore, User X can proceed to the payment. (As long as User Y hasn’t accepted, the details are not visible for User X).

How could I do that?

  • Once the “match” is done, I would like to put in place a private communication system between both, but not really a chat. Just a page where they can both post comments about the booking.

User X and User Y are two specific and different types of user (different headers, functionalities for each, etc). I don’t want to store them both in “Users” but to create a separate database for each one of them.

Again how could I proceed for this part?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Best regards

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It is possible to keep both users in 1 table. By giving them a specific role you can conditionally manage the layout of a page and workflow.

Looking at your first question, you can add a status field to your table. Depending on the status of a booking you can hide/show information. I would use a repeating group for this to keep the overview for the users in case of multiple bookings.

For your second question I would create a table with 1. field that has the users that have access to this chat (buyer/seller) 2. a field (defined as list) referring to another data table which has the comments. This way you can prohibit other users gaining access to these comments.

The comments table would have fields like user | message . Everytime a user adds a comment, create a comment in your comment table and than add that specific comment to the list of comments in your table above. Use a repeating group to show the comments

Is this somewhat clear or more confusing? :slight_smile:

Hello! Thanks a lot for your reply :slight_smile:

I would like to make my marketplace “two-sided” and have two separate databases: one for all buyers and another one for all sellers instead of having them all stored under “User”, would it be possible to do what you explained above while making the separation?


I think it would be possible. What I think may not be possible is having to 2 User databases. If Im not mistaken Users can only exist in the User table (as core reference for passwords etc). But Im not 100% sure about that

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