Marketplace with 2 user types, who do I market to?

For purposes of this question consider my app a 99designs clone.

I have two user types Clients and Designers. By nature of another business that I own, I already have Clients ready to use the marketplace. But I can’t let turn them all on yet because I don’t have enough designers yet to support the work load.

So, when designing my brand message To whom do I direct the marketing copy on the home page etc?

  • do I market directly to the Designers because that’s who I need more of?

  • or do I market to the clients and trust that the Designers will see the website and understand the value proposition for them?

Thanks a lot!

I would say both, not either / or.

You should consider having separate landing pages for each, and separate marketing channels, as they are two very different messages you’re trying to get across.

The balance of supply and demand will inform how much to concentrate on each channel. It seems your need is more for suppliers (designers). But ultimately your website will need to present it’s value prop for both sides.


thanks so much Rob. so you are suggesting that i have as the landing page for my marketing efforts toward Clients and as the landing page for my marketing efforts toward Designers, is that right?

but to whom do i craft the messaging toward for the main Index page (, as presumably users of both types are going to land there on their own.

Yep something like that. I would say your main targeting should be on the paying customer. Look at Upwork for example. Their landing page is buyer focussed.