Matching 2 lists and show in a RG the bests matchs first


In my case,
I have patients who fill out a form and Doctors who did the same thing but in a different list. In both cases, I have created tags to do the matching.

On the patient side, the idea is to propose in a Repeating Group the profiles of doctors who have the most tags in common with him.

For the moment, I manage to bring up the profiles of doctors with a do search for - intersect with tags in the RG’s data source.
It shows me all the doctors who have at least one tag in common with the patient.
I would like it to sort them by order of tags in common (from the highest number to the lowest) but for the moment I don’t see how to do it,
If someone has an idea I’m interested, thank you!

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use list shifter plugin and set up like here.

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@TipLister thanks I will look at it !

WOOT WOOT! Shout out to @TipLister for mentioning List Shifter while all plugins are currently borked! :wink: Love ya, @TipLister.

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