Matching message to thread using Background Workflow

Hello !

I am new to Bubble, and I have a problem I cannot seem to solve.

I am building a messaging/ticketing app (like Zendesk), which will relies heavily on emails sent and received (using Zapier and Postmark to push emails into Bubble’ database).

I have created a Datatype “Message” with 3 fields :

  • Message_Body (text)
  • Message_Date (date)
  • Message_Hash (text)

The hash is a unique code embbed in the emails that identifies the thread in which the message should be attached.

I have another Datatype “Thread”, with the following fields :

  • Thread_Messages (list of messages)
  • Thread_ID (text)

What I want to achieve is to automatically add a message to it’s thread, using the thread_ID to match which belongs to which.

Something like : if message’s hash=thread’s ID, add this message to this thread’s list of messages.

I have tried to set up a triggered Backend Workflow, which is :

It doesnt work, probably because the workflow does not know in which thread to add the message. I have followed the tutorials on Youtube to set up a messaging system inside an app, and it works, but since the messages here come from outside, the method is different.

I don’t know if it is the right way to do this, but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot


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