Matching suppliers with requests


I am trying to match a request with a list of users (suppliers) based on 3 criteria (user type, Object type and ZIP code)

All of these 3 parameters are “fields” in the user DB and in the request DB. For some reason, I am always getting an empty result.

Any idea why? Could it be related to the data type?

Hi there, @romain.courthion… the first thing that comes to mind is privacy rules. If you have the default rule on the User data type (the rule is This User is Current User), that rule could be stopping the users from being found in the search. So, check out your privacy rules and make sure that any rules you have in place meet the needs of your app.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc ,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately despite adjusting the privacy rules it still comes back with an empty list. (The request is matching 100% with a suppliers profile). Any other idea?
Thanks again

Well, until I see it with my own eyes, I still think it’s privacy rules. :wink:

Have you checked debugger to see if it can provide some idea as to why the list is empty?

@mikeloc thanks for pushing me toward the privacy rules. I found the one that was still messing things around!

That works finally :partying_face: :pray:

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Hey @mikeloc - me again :wink:

I have one last outstanding issue which is:

A request stores 1 ZIP code which needs to be matched with a list of ZIP codes stored in the user profile. (i.e. Request for ZIP code 1905 should be matched with user active in ZIP Codes 1920, 1905, 1903)
At the moment the search function doesn’t recognize the 1905 in the List of ZIP Codes in the profile.

Any hint?
Thanks again

Yup, I saw that question a few hours ago. :slight_smile:

If you are open to letting me take a peek under the hood, send me a link (privately) to your editor, and I’m sure we can figure it out.

Thanks once again for offering your help! I actually managed to figure it out :slight_smile:

The trick was to specify that the elements from the list were separated with a “,”

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