Matching two different entries in different databases in and displaying the data matching

Im currently trying to display some data in

The text im trying to display isnt showing, and it works like following:

There is two databases. InstagramCampaigns, and Instagram Leads

Every entry in Instagram Leads has a list of leads, and a randomly generated string.

Instagram Campaigns has alot of entries, but the important ones is unique id and Leads. The Leads entry in instagram campaigns, has an id(just a string) that matches an id from the Instagram Leads database. The instagram campaigns can have more than one string/id so it looks like this:


How can i display the entries, leads, that has a matching id/string in campaigns? I have tried following:


Bubble wont take the test from a text field if that is what you are trying to do? I would try storing the Leed or Leeds ID/string on a custom state and the reference that.

Im sorry if im confusing, i have a hard time doing and explaining this. I have the leads id stored in the database already, and im grabbing the right leadid, so there is no need for custom states since its already stored and it’s grabbing it correctly. However i am having a hard time, matching the stored lead id with the actual leads that is stored in another database.

Have you looked into doing an advanced search so you can use the ‘intersect with’ expression?

Once you intersect the list, you can create a binary (formatted as text) to return which items do intersect.

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