Matchmaking create room to match players

Hi! I have selected Need help category not because of technical support just because I’m blocked with my idea in the head :laughing:

I’m making an app where (let’s say players) players can search for a “match” (5v5).
Players can search for a game solo or in a group (up to 5 players in total).

The idea is to create a matchmaking system that links players that searching games with others to create groups of 5v5.

I.e., If we have a group of 2 players looking for a game, we have another group of 3 players looking for a game, and we have five individual players looking for a match. The idea is the matchmaking will group 2+3 in one team, and the other five individuals in another team, and we got a new 5v5 game.

My question is this:
How would you do that? How you structure that in the database? List of users? Multiple database searches? API Workflow? 3rd API (is there any external service that does that)? Idk I’m very lost/stuck on this.


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