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Material Design UI Components - New Plugin from Purracchio Andrea

So I subscribed to this plugin and it works great, the functionality is also pretty nice.
I have a few changes that I would need you to make for my continued use use of the plugin.

Changes to elements:

  • Major: I use auto-bind all over my app, and definitely need this functionality
  • Spinner - Change background opacity to (for example) 80% #fff, so that other elements are visible, but not clickable.
  • Field date - ability to select only future dates
  • Field date - ability to select only future dates based on another date field (although this may be possible via a workflow)
  • Tooltip on elements - takes to long to appear
  • Field text “area” - the scrollbar is not pretty, would be nice to see a resizeable area
  • One other thing I would like to see changed is the text spacing on buttons (or at least the ability to change text spacing). If you take a look at the image here, the “CHANGE” text button on the left is from the plugin, and the one I created is on the right. The plugin’s text spacing seems to be too far apart, and not the material standard.

material text spacing

Additional elements:

The documentation non-existant, however most of the tools are reasonably easy to understand. I note that there is a “breakpoint” tool, but I have no idea how to use this. Can you update the documentation and also give me instructions for this elements use please?


Thanks for providing me with a major duh! moment. I didn’t know this multiselect plugin existed!

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I’m developing Date Picker. Now, a working sketch is ready. Soon I upload new release that contain it. The plugin is growing daily and there will be all this things.

I’m working for a restructure to separate TEXT, NUMBER and DATE Textfields because Bubble don’t allow to bind multiple value types (this takes a long time …about 2 weeks)

Date Textfield is designed for manual input. You can’t (or rather, it doesn’t make sense) to limit manual entry, however you can do it with date pikers.

I will add a field to insert custom time in ms. (I had already thought about it) :slight_smile:

I’m very sorry but your statement is incorrect. In the pictures below (from official Material Design site) you can see that my button respect the Material Design standard better than you. :wink:

Sorry, but I think that I don’t understand your requests about spinner and text areas. I try to answer.

  • Spinner are an element that must be insert in a Group. That Group can be a normal group or a Floating Group or Popup that can be modify as you want. However, spinner can be used like an icon that can be visible until a loading is in execution.
  • Text areas must have side scrollbar to respect their function. The beauty of scrollbar depends from browsers. However I can try to work on it.

Let me know if I forgot something. Bye.

P.S.: …In future there will be customization options for Fonts according with Material Design Guide Lines

Very nice update, thanks. Looking forward to seeing the updates you’ve mentioned here. A great edition with quality code :slight_smile:

Thanks for correcting me about the spacing!

I’ve run into an issue whilst testing this. “Initial content” does not appear to be working when using with a repeating group. It works fine when using the workflow option to “Display data” in a popup.

I need you are more specific.

  • What component are you talking about ?
  • How you use “initial content” in repeating group ?

  • …and more, before you assume that it’s my plugin issue, I hope that you reproduce the same with native bubble element and verify if it works. I’m waiting for a reply. Thank you. Bye.

I’ve did some test and you are right. Don’t works ! …I will find bug soon.

Hi, I’ve just tested this myself as well and noticed that data sent to a group does not seem to reset.

Standard input vs plugin input (RP)

  • Standard input is correctly showing values with initial content
  • Plugin input is not showing initial content

Standard input vs plugin input (Popup)

  • Standard input is correctly showing values with initial content in popup
  • Plugin input is not showing initial content in popup

FYI, if I choose to change the value of the text field using a workflow, I get an error.

I’ve found the problem, however I can try to solve it later. Your benchmark are very useful. Thanks a lot.

You’re welcome. Looking forward to a fix. Any news / timeline on autobind and other updates?

I would like to use the plugin, but need certain features before deploying.

There is a bug, however, Set Value don’t works because action is before popup open. The element must be created (visible) for value setting.

Ok understood. I won’t be using this but thought it may be helpful to you.

Love this thanks for the contribution - will definitely make use of it!

Bug correction uploaded. Now you can update plugin and reload bubble editor !!!

Only for textfield component i fear. There is same bug in other component but I don’t have got time to correct.

For your sample website, you have “Selection Menu”, can you let me know how that’s done? Can’t seem to figure it out as I don’t see any input type for this other than Textfield but I can’t seem to make it show it as a drop down. Thanks!

Hi @lmoreau
You can add a selection menu to a textfield by an action in workflow named “Set select menu on” …


This is a great concept for using the same label for multiple purposes. :clap:

Thank you so much, I would have never figured that one out on my own! I really like this plugin, will make it handy when creating quick pages as while I love bubble I always wish certain things you do often were easier to just drop in, so this helps.

Any chance of ever creating a repeating group element at some point for it? It would be so great to be able to drop one on a page, and then select what columns you want it to display (including fields from related elements) and just have it display them all there as well if that makes sense.