Material Design UI Components - New Plugin from Purracchio Andrea

Auto binding works for every fields. I don’t know why not for you. I’ve just test it

No, not for now …later there will be Number Range Selector that is better component to do what you want. …p.s. …there will be Currency Field as well

is there a way to set the menu for text when placed in a repeating group??

Not for now. I fear. However, I’m working to migrate select menu settings (and date picker) inner in the element settings to remove every problem that the actual configuration reveals.

I’m very sorry for that but I can’t imagine that actions was not showed when element was in repeating group.

In the next release I add new settings but I don’t erase old settings to permit you relative modify until I release the next next version where old settings will be erased.

Any update on this feature? I’d love to be able to change the fonts.


Added font settings



Is there any thought about adding material cards to this plugin?

@treb.gatte ,
I don’t think I’ll ever add a card for almost two reasons:

  1. A card is a mix of multiple graphic elements that can be simply added in a Group with the proper shadow to imitate a material card (tell me if you want some help to implement it);
  2. There are too many different ways to structure a Card that can’t be adapted to every needs;

Kind regards, bye.

Ah, too bad. I’ve built cards manually but was looking for a much faster way to build these. Providing this card layout shell as a starting point would be a huge time savings and would ensure consistency across the app.

Besides, if you are truly using Material Design for your app, I’d say 98% of what you do card-wise should fit with this layout framework.

Now to read up on reusable components as I saw a post on pros and cons.

Dear @treb.gatte
I’ll think about what I can do and let you know.

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Hi @studio.purracchio !

I use your plugin, the result is great!

I just faced my first problem: I use a plugin (Quick Find Search & Facet Filtering) to search the database. For that, I have to insert the input element ID attribute in the search element. With your plugin, the search does not work. I fill in the input element but the search does not work. I tried with the native bubble input element, it works.

Do you have any idea how I can fix this issue?


Hi @Yas-B ,
Thank you very much.
I think I get the issue. I will try to fix it as soon as possible. When I do it, I will notice to you.

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Hi everybody!
Some good news with the version 2.12

Now compatible with the new Bubble’s responsive design system.

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@studio.purracchio Hello, thank you for your plugin.

Can you please clarify one thing: Is there any way to check is a user input an URL into Text Input starting with http:// or https://?

There is a field type URL, but I don’t see any validation, checker or mask.

Thank you!

Hi @founders.dashboard.a,
the property called “Validation pattern” can contains regular expression for every purpose. The input will be compared with the RegExp in there.
You can made your own regular expression using or search for one in

Let me know. Bye.

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Thank you, that worked.

One more question: is there any way to add a custom icon for Text Input, not from material library? For example, I need to add icon of a social network like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Not for now. It’s on the road.

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Great, thank you! Appreciate your work!

3 more things that I found that might be useful:

  1. Could you also add the ability for Select (dropdown) work with List of Things, not just texts. For example in my case I get data from API, and would love to work with things.

  2. Could also add more flexibility for editing visual of text fields, like padding, margins, border colors etc.

  3. Also add some conditions like: on hover, clicked, is correct value so it can be styled.

Thank you!

Not for now, but it’s on the road!

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