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Material Design UI Components - New Plugin from Purracchio Andrea

Is there any plan to use standard cards as per standard material design: Cards – Material Design 3?

No, for now.

Hi @studio.purracchio

It seems to me there is a problem with the filter chips: setting an initial value has no effect.
What do you think about it?

Hello Andrea, are you still supporting this plugin? It’s still a very wonderful plugin. I went to the support page and it says it’s not on a live plan of Bubble. Will you be upgrading it?

Hi Paul. Thank you.
Try MDUI - Bubble plugin

Hi Andrea, is there a sample editor? I’m having trouble getting the Tab control to work like your sample page. How do I get it to start with “tab 1” selected?

I’m getting this error:
The plugin Material Design UI Kit / action Set an item active on a MDUI - Tabs threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘trigger’)
at eval (PLUGIN_1572777453139x243635964010561540/Material-Design-UI-Kit-element_action–MDUI—Tabs-Set-an-item-active-on-.js:9:26)
at (please report this to the plugin author)

I believe the key factor here is that my tab is NOT visible when the page loads. I show a list of customers. When the user clicks on a customer, the customer page appears. I want the first tab already selected when the page appears. When I put the “Set an active item on MDUI-Tab MyTabControl” it throws this error.

Sorry Paul, I’m on vacation. I’ll take a look as soon as possible.

You got it. The problem is exactly what you said. So you can play with “Do when condition is true” WF event and some “Add a pause before next action” in WF->Navigation actions.
In “Do when condition is true” put the visibility condition of the container where the bar is in or of the bar itself.
Let me know the results. Bye.

I use these component on mobile very nicely, but I don’t think the Tabs Component is good for that. For instance, if there are 4-5 tab options, it won’t wrap onto two or three lines well. I made my own component and it works as I need, but I like the animations you have in yours!

I am subscribed to your plugin and it serves my needs very well. One small challenge is on the MDUI Button. There is no option to change the letter spacing. it’s not that i want to change the letter spacing but it seems its preset to the equivalent of a normal bubble button with the letter spacing set to 1. It just makes the UI look off.