Math calculations

Hi Forum,

I have a list of orders.

I’m trying to calculate the total revenue for this month, previous month and any month really. How can I do this?

I’d also like to compare current month vs previous months totals and display as either an increase or decrease with + or - before the total depending on the outcome.

Any help is much appreciated

Hi @jordan18 ,

Depending on how you set up your DB, you can do all of that !

For example, if you created a DB type like “Revenue”, just an example, where you have a field like “Amount” and field type number, on your editor if you add an element, like for example a text or an input, you can make a search to sum all the entries of Revenue filtering by the creation date.

As I said, there’s a lot of ways to do it. If you wanna more details, share more infos regarding how you set up your DB, so I can properly help you.

Best regards