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Good evening everyone, I hope you are well!
I have a small personal project for an app, but I’m having difficulty getting all the arrangements right.
I would like to express the following account
((Power in Watts x Days per month x Hours per day) / 1000) x Price kWh
((20W x 30 Days x 8.0 Hours) / 1000) x R$0.85
= R$ 4.08
I’ve already made the separate inputs, each one for a value, but I’m having difficulty expressing the formulation. Could someone shed some light so I can finish it? Thank you very much in advance

Hello @b1gonesupply ! Welcome to the community

One way could be as follows:

  • Set groups of type number. One for power, one for days, one for hours and one for price kWh. Call them var power, var days, var hours and var pricekWh
  • Set their data sources using dynamic expression accordingly
  • Next … set another group called var multiplication1 where you multiple var power times var days times var hours
  • Next … set another group called var division1 where you divide var multiplication1 into 1000
  • Finally … multiply var division1 times var pricekWh. You could also house this result as var multiplication2 if you want.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

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