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Matrix Solutions | The Revolutionary CAD/MDT Provider | Actively Hiring

Welcome To Matrix Solutions

Hello. Welcome to Matrix Solutions (MS). We are a fairly new company founded in February of 2019. Our mission is to give top quality products, service and support to Members in everything we provide. This includes CAD/MDTs, Discord Bots, FiveM Services, Websites, and hopefully more in the future. This top quality assurance also carries over to our media, support team, order process, and just about anything you could think of involving the company. We also offer some products like no others companies do such as our Economy CAD/MDT, Wide Selection of paid CAD/MDTs, 24/7 Support (Average 1 - 10 Minute(s) Response!), Simplicity, Incredibly low prices (Get a CAD/MDT as low as $4.00 USD), we offer Front End, Back End, and even Reseller Rights on nearly all of our products.

What We Offer

  • Top Quality CAD/MDTs
  • Insane Discord Bots
  • Awesome FiveM Services
  • Mind Blowing Websites
  • And More!

Example: -Economy CAD-
Front End: $17.00 USD
Back End: $34.00 USD
Reseller: $85.00 USD

-15 Departments
-7 LEO Departments
-Admin Panel
-Owner Panel
-Ultimate Customization
-LEO Subdivisions
-Department Transfer
-Report LEO
-Penal Code
-10 Codes
-Status Codes
-Ultimate Discord Integration
-Key binds
-Live Map
-Los Santos Customs
-Dynasty Housing
-Civ Cell Phone
-Global Chat
-Economic View (Roles)
-Economy View (CAD Info)

DEMO Login: [email protected]
DEMO Password: DEMO19

Above is just one of our 18 CAD/MDTs and a total of 29 services!

Matrix Solutions (MS) is currently actively hiring for paid positions! To become Support Team, Sales Team, Staff, or Developer, please join our Discord and go to channel #useful-links to find the application link.

All Prices And Products Are Listed In Discord!!!

Join Today And Get Your Matrix Solutions products As Soon As NOW!
:paperclip: Discord Link:

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a solid stolen company


Yup and scammers

@nicpagonis All I’ve seen is you going around posting comments “stolen cads” well maybe they are reseller or they are affiliated with the company that originally made it like our company, we are affiliated with multiple companys so ya.

All of which have stolen CADs…the point still stays, stolen.

Okie dokie Isaiah.

Do you have any proof on this, or are you just assuming?

Connor you know we have proof of all this you know you did it not once have you tried to prove the proof wrong and you can’t fight the truth

Look, I Am A Legal Advisor For One Of The Companies @matrix_solutions Has Put Down, They Have Been Found In Possession Of Stolen CAD/MDT Products Breaking US Copyright Sanctions And Have Been Made Aware Of It Multiple Times My One Thing To Say Is… People Go Around Bubble Forums Exposing These Scammers Because They Actually Make Their Products And Do Everything Legitimate Then We Have People Like @Kronixhosting And @matrix_solutions Or @TMM_TECH That Have Stolen CAD’s And Distribute Then Throughout The Community. I Personally Have Been Affected By One Of These Unlawful “Companies.” And They Have Regretted It, I Shut Them Down And Made It’s Staff Crumble On The Company. @fultondesignshoslt You Personally Connor, Your A Arrogant Kid That Thinks And Relies On Other People To Do Your Work For You. You Ceased Paying Your Employee’s Their Labor Fees Then Go And Ban Everyone That Goes Into Contact With You Guys About It… If Thats Not A 13 Year Old Wanna Be CEO Then I Don’t Know What Is… People Try To Have Fun With What They Do And We Have People Go And Do This, I Have Developed 25+ Fully Functioning CAD/MDTs’ And I Have To Say!! The People Who Have The Nerve To Go and Do These Outrageous Unlawful Acts Shall And Will Be Prosecuted In A Court Of Law For What They Have Done To Everyone In This Community.

Our mission is to give top quality products, service and support to Members. Not Top Quality Stolen Products.

To be 100% honest, I don’t think anyone cares. Please take your toxicity and poor grammar somewhere else.


I normally dont agree with @nicpagonis on much but i can agree to his statement here. There is one thing in your statement that i care about. If you are going to try to make me look bad with lies then i suggest try not doing it here where no one will care.

I Could Care Less About What You Think I Have Seen And Accessed Your CAD/MDTs And Their Licensing Is Something That Exposes You Guys

You guys stop, or you’ll be muted.

:slight_smile: kids always try to start drama. That is why cads have become toxic. is facts we have multi witnesses and proof


I feel like we should make new rules for this category. Tell me what’cha think

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Lier lier

I just want to fix the Bank section for the sunset template that is listed in the Community section.