Max number of options in an option set

What’s the maximum possible number of options in an option set?

Is there a way to bulk upload these options?

As far as I know there’s no limit on the number of records.

Can you upload bulk option sets? Short answer: not really. There’s no easy way to upload bulk option sets.
You could export your app as a JSON save file and add your options sets before uploading it again as a new app but this isn’t really easy, or as we did you could create a browser automation to add bulk option sets.

What kind of data do you need to store as Option Sets to be that large?
Why don’t you want to add them as database entries?

I have never used it, but it’s probably worth giving this a look.


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I will have a look at this and I will give you a feedback.

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Hey @vnihoul77, how did you use browser automation to add bulk option sets? Did you use a specific tool for that? I have 160 entries to upload, each with 3 attributes. thanks!

We used Pupperteer, but it’s hard coded.

I think it would cost 200-300$ by hiring a developer on Upwork, which might actually get cheaper using someone to do manual data entry if it’s only for 100 entries.

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