May 10: Bubble isn't down but severly limited with many DB timeouts...!?!

So now that Bubble hasn’t been down past few days I’m trying to validate millions of records across multiple apps.

I’m having significant issues with DB timeouts on API workflows that worked just fine before this week, I’ve even cut down the amount of things per search by 80% (from 2.5K to 500) and still often having DB timeouts. This is especially true if the :minus list count exceeds 5k OR if a thing holds 10k+ things in MULTIPLE lists (not in a single list).

Anyone else having DB timeouts or similar issues?

I’ll flag it to the team. Did you connect with support about this?


i’ve been having major db problems with actions that are only processing like 15-20 items. It has only been wanting to add 3-5 items out of the 20. it was just working perfectly like a month ago, didn’t change anything

Nope. I don’t have the time to wait for their response (which is like 5 days if its super super urgent)

I’ve literally been altering some major workflows just to avoid these timeouts. It would be nice if Bubble would reimburse me for the additional WUs I’m using by increasing my process spreading…

It’s just weird to me that you’d say that to a Bubble employee that knows exactly how many support ticket’s you’ve submitted in the past and how fast we were in responding to them


Really? yes i dont bother submitting many but don’t look at response time till the initial response. Look at resolution time -has even one been resolved?!?

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@fede.bubble and as a Bubble employee you should also know which apps I have built not using my forum account (which have more, although not a lot, of support tickets but also non resolved).

I’ve had ‘schedule API workflow’ (not on list) take 30 seconds for the action to run when the list is 1200 items long. Never seen it before.


As a Bubble user and community member, you should treat the community leader with a little more respect? What has he done to you?

Don’t give him trouble for him just trying to help. It’s not his job to support Bubble apps, it’s his job to support the forum community.


Oh just saying that the fact that I didnt waste my time going thru the whole support ticket request enough times on this account has any bearing on the fact that it’s a 5 day minimum to get a resolution.

And then insinuating that I’m lying about the response time since he can “see behind the curtain” the actual response time as if the initial response is of any import in terms of acutally getting support to help resolve something. And I understand using the initial reponse time because there is no resolution date, but that itself is the problem and why I dont bother with support tickets.