May you help me with publishing

Hi, I have a problem when I finish editing my template I wanted to connect my domain and once it got published I’ve realized that the initial templated was published with my domain and when I entered again to my app everything is ok all my editions remain but when publishing it come backs to the inicial template. can you please help me?

Hello. Personally, I didn’t understand your problem. If you can provide screenshots or the editor link (read only) so anyone who may be helpful can check the problem for you and see the error. IF you are facing problems with setting up your domain, you can check this video, it may be helpful

i advise you to watch the video I have put the link in my previous post. I think you skipped a step or you made a mistake when setting up your domain. Please check the video. Even if you set up your domain correctly, it can take time to change. As they said to you it can take up to 24 hours. Let us see if anyone else have some insight on this

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