Mazens's Production | Cheap CAD/MDTs

Hello everyone, i have seen people trying to get a CAD/MDT for its community, But cant get one because they dont have money or it is just expensive. So i am learning on how to make a cad and i am willing to give you a cad for your own community!! Read the Deals

Mazen’s CAD/MDT:

  • 5 Departments - PD,HP,SO,FD,Civ,Comms
  • Management Panel
  • LockDown Feature
  • Ban Feature
  • Panic Button
  • 911 Button in civ MDT
  • More Soon!!


1$ For Front Access
5$ For back-end Access - You will need to read the TOS first before you can buy the back-end access

Classic CAD:

  • ComingSoon!!

I am currently not selling CADs as i am busy with School Stuff. Join the discord to be notified when i Open!!
Discord Link!! Click Here