McSmartyPants Software- QA check?

Hoping for a QA check. It’s a two-sided platform for crowdsourcing product development.
Evaluation form takes 90 seconds: | Start makin' bacon with product launches
Or, for the product owner questionnaire, ~2 minutes if you mash the keyboard:
Thanks in advance

Hello All,

Although I’ve never posted, I’ve been lurking and working on Bubble since around December of last year and was checking it out even before then. I owe the general forum posts quite a lot for helping me troubleshoot a million things that have popped up. So, if you’ve been actively helping other people on Bubble for a while now, chances are I owe you a beer for indirectly helping me as well. I completed the Bubble Boot Camp something like 5 months ago, but it’s taken me this whole long time to get something on the verge of going live. Although this is in the “Showcase” topic, I’d say “Final Quality Assurance Testing” is more accurate. I’m looking for some QA feedback for pretty much everything: general flow and UX, sizing/spacing issues on your device, things seeming to not load properly, bugs, issues to watch out for that I may not be aware of, etc etc.

Here’s the general idea of the application:
It’s essentially a two-sided platform geared toward product development and evaluating products of all sorts before they get released to the world (although, it could be used post-launch to refine things, too). This app will help guide companies to determine which products to build and what features/pricing/etc to focus on. One side is from the business user perspective that is creating an evaluation form for a product they want to test out before they launch. The other side is for the product evaluators themselves.

The context of the application is that the product evaluators are people just interested in seeing new products go live and have followed our social media and joined our email list. The email list shares all sorts of neat product developments (not just related to my company, but across the board) as well as the product evaluation forms themselves. To see the website that’s finishing up development as well (it’s not connected to the app yet) go to and put in the password “smarty” to get a better idea if you need one (you can even join the email list if this sounds interesting to you). Or, an alternative second type of evaluator would be current customers or other people sent by the business user to help guide product development. Both of these types of evaluators go to the same form.

My app is still in test-mode, so that may throw things off, but here’s the URL for a pre-filled form where you’d pretend to be a customer evaluating my product: | Start makin' bacon with product launches

It might be a little confusing because the evaluation form is also describing the software that it is being used on. It’s a bit meta. But, it could/should work for any product idea, from software to consumer packaged goods, to F&B, or whatever else.

And, for what it looks like from a business user perspective (and where the info for the evaluation forms comes from), click the link and input an email and password and click signup, select whatever username you want, click the button to start a new form (and ignore the debugging info and general weirdness of the internal user homepage still in place there), and go from there. Here is the URL for the business users:

Feel free to enter bogus info for any part, just to see the progression and see if any issues pop up. And, the first app link should be mobile-friendly, and the second isn’t fully there yet. I’ve only tested this on my cell phone and laptop, so if things look ugly and off because you have different screens and browsers than me, please let me know.

There might also be some issues since it’s still in test mode, so let me know if that ends up being the case.

Any and all feedback and tips are super appreciated. If you encounter issues, any info you can provide into how you encountered it is definitely appreciated as well.

Thank you so much,

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Congrats on the launch.

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Thanks, Matt. Your help in the boot camp was super useful.

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Thank you to whoever tried it a few hours ago. Your response actually drives me to ask a question:

I’m attempting to force people to fill in a response on a multiline input and avoid blanks, but apparently you can type a space and then enter and that qualifies. Is there any way tricky way to avoid that being allowed?