Measure Progress Bar Duration

Is there a way to create a dynamic value for Bubble’s built-in progress bar? I want to

  1. show a Lottie animation workflow action then
  2. put a pause where the duration is the dynamic progress bar load time and finally
  3. hide the animation.

There’s obviously a page is loaded conditional but this would be for however long it takes to run a series of workflows as indicated by the progress bar.

I’m not sure I fully understand…

But can’t you just hide the loading animation when the progress bar is at 100% (or whenever it is that the progress bar is measuring the progress of is finished)?..

Yes, I want to hide the animation once the status/progress/workflows bar is finished but that amount of time is variable.

I still don’t understand…

Is your progress bar measuring time?

Bubble calls it a “progress bar” but it’s this thing:

Should be called a progress loader.

In short, I want to hide the bar with style tags (:white_check_mark:) and use the animation instead for the same amount of time it would take the bar to load.

Ah, ok… I completely misunderstood what you were asking…

But, sure it should be simple enough…

You can either use some custom JavaScript to detect when the progress bar is visible (and hide it using some custom CSS - e.g zero height, or zero opacity), and then trigger your preferred animation to show whilst the Progress bar is visible.

Or, you might want to check out this plugin: Progress Bar Detection Plugin | Bubble

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Thanks, @adamhholmes! I’ll do the JS idea- now I just have to ascertain the progress bar id.


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Affirmative- thanks!