Medical Company Design (TLS vs SSL)

Hello, I noticed that Bubble hasn’t included TLS yet (still SSL) so I’m evaluating what role a Bubble landing page can play in my company.

My thought on the system design is this: we collect clinic and patient info via Google tools and store all of that in Google Drive, hosting Drive on AWS. GSuite is already HIPAA compliant, and the AWS security is an added benefit. We’ll likely encrypt the Drive too. I’d like for Bubble to handle my landing page and sales aspect, allowing future customers to signup here, manage their profile and submit orders. To submit orders, I envision embedding Google Forms into an iFrame. Remember that the forms will be stored on AWS and that Google is already HIPAA compliant.

Question 1: is my iFrame secure with SSL protection on the Bubble end, or do I still need TLS?

Question 2: if I read non-sensitive information (like a status) from my Drive in AWS, is that connection secure?

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