Medium Clone "Claps" Database structure

I am trying to recreate a clone of the popular site Medium. Bubble offers a walkthrough tutorial for this which is awesome, but one of the functionalities they do not cover is displaying the users clapped posts on the profile page. If you were setting up the database, how would you structure it with a User and Claps to display “clapped” posts on ones profile page? I have tried setting it up a few different ways, and the closest I have gotten has every clap appear in the first row of the RG. Im sure this is simple but something is definitely going way over my head, lol. Thanks in advance!!

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Not too familiar with medium but I believe you should just have a repeating group search for posts… then in the actual group you can display posts and clap count. You could also filter the repeating group by adding a constraint: claps > 0 … to only show posts that have been ‘clapped’

Does that solve your use case?

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