Medium & dribbble plugins dont work

please update these plugins @romanmg

Hi Harry, thanks for the reminder! I will update these as soon as possible and let you know when they’re ready to go.

@harrycollins94 The Dribbble plugin is now updated to V2 of the API. I’ll be updating Medium very soon.

Quick update: doesn’t look like Medium has updated their API, but the plugin has indeed gone down due to a new authentication error. I’m on it and will post again when it has been resolved.

@harrycollins94 The Medium plugin has been updated as well. Thanks for your patience! Let me know if you’re still having trouble with either.

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Dribbble plugin works but there isnt a way for me to pull the Dribbble user’s profile image, name or username, like how it worked before.

Medium says the same thing still

For Dribbble, you want to use “Get data from external API” to retrieve profile info:


For Medium, I tested on my end and all was ok. Can you check that you’ve upgraded to the latest version in the plugin settings and that your API ID and Secret are filled in as well? You’ll also want to use “Get data from an external API” to retrieve user profile info.

Thank you for showing me that,
Medium was updated but now takes me to a page