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🏥 Medly Medical Center - New Template from Zeroqode


Medly - Medical Center Template is a fully responsive and dynamic template that you can use to represent your professional medical services. It can be used by Hospitals, Pharmacists, Medical Practitioners and even Ambulance Services.

And a quick video overview:

Template Features:

  1. Minimal Design
  2. Fully Mobile Responsive Pages.
  3. Admin Dashboard.
  4. Users can Book Appointments with Doctors or Practitioners.
  5. Admin can handle appointments made by users.
  6. Integrated Hospital Showcase to display sections and pictures of the hospital or clinic.
  7. Integrated database.
  8. Users can Request for Quote to have an idea as to the cost of a treatment.
  9. Ability to showcase Doctors and Medical Team
  10. Services rendered in the Medical Center can be displayed with descriptions.
  11. Social Links buttons enabled to redirect user to your social page.

Live Demo:

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hey @levon

I like your video! Great job. Very professional looking. :+1: It’s nice to have an overview. Better than a GIF. :clap:

Hey Jason, thanks ! :slight_smile: We realized that also some time ago and almost finished producing videos for all our templates. We’ll soon update all the forum topics with youtube videos replacing gifs.
Thanks again! :pray:

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Thanks for sharing! I was surprised at first to see the feature list, as Bubble is not HIPAA compliant. Then I remembered that was a US law and thought I would post to make you aware it might help your US-based customers if you make it clear that this isn’t HIPAA compliant on the templates page. Unfortunately, that will preclude almost any US-based healthcare provider from using the appointments section, but the rest could still be useful.

Thanks for the tip, but even through Bubble’s database is not HIPAA compliant, US-based healthcare providers can use Google Sheets or any other external HIPAA compliant database with the template.

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