Meet ClickPigeon - Send Physical Mail Globally For £3.49 Flat Fee

Hi everyone,

Just launched a really nice side project to fit my own needs called ClickPigeon!

It is a physical mail/virtual printer service that lets you upload a PDF document and we’ll print, envelope and post your letter for a £3.49 flat fee paid via PayPal. The partner we chose processes ove 50m+ letters a year and each letter costs £0.61 so there is a great profit margin.

It’s completely accountless, mobile responsive and launched on ProductHunt!

And guess what - it’s for sale!

You can buy the whole business including logo and domain from me for just £500 to start your own no-code mail on demand business like!

Check it out here:

I’ve submitted it to the template store as well

Let me know if you are interested!



Hi Reece,

Nice one. I don’t see any issues selling it for that amount.

Good luck

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@Codeables Thanks!

@help hey, dropped you an email

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Thanks! Just sent a reply :slight_smile: