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Meilisearch help

I’m trying to implement Mielisearch. I’ve installed it on AWS and now I need to scrape my data. Mielisearch’s docs say that every data type needs to have a unique ID.

Do I create a field in each data type I want the search to include and just pop a string of characters in that field–the same string for each data type? If so, does every record need to be populated? Meaning, if I have a datatype with the fields Cake, Cookies, and Pies, does every line item in the database need to have the populated UID string? And then do I use the API to trigger the scrape?

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Hi @jay6
Ferdinand from MeiliSearch here.
Indeed you should add a generated UID in your documents (so every line item).
Both incremental numbers or UUIDv4 work.

Okay, will try that! It would be great if Meilisearch could put together a little tutorial in integrating Meilisearch. It’s such a good fit for the no-code community. Thank you!